How to See Quality of Bai Mu Dan White Tea

Fresh Bai Mu Dan should have green flavor smell + floral small with freshness.
But recent years, some tea maker (producers) making tea with less green flavor more deeper floral because consumers in China prefer that way.

Bai Mu Dan should have silver, light green and darker green.
I once made following comparison document (in the blog).

Key of quality is in “withering” process, which is done by combination of sun-dry, room-dry or machine dry.

In this process, greenish smell is reduced, and floral smell is increased. And the color of leaves is changed, from light green →darker green → dark green. If leaves becomes reddish or brownish, it means failure of withering, consequently, taste cannot be good.

It is said that even if quality of various Bai Mu Dan are the same when they are fresh , after 6 -10month, real quality come out and makes big change. Good one (good leaves and good process) will have beautiful complex fragrance. Longer years can tell more.

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