Takatori-yaki Takatori Hassen Kiln 2 Glazing Cup 高取八仙

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Aritst:  Takatori Hassen  XIII (13th generation) –  born in 1934

Artistic tasteful cup –  rough, rustic, wild, like real nature. Line of the rim of the cup is interesting like mountain range. Fired in Noborigama kiln (Climbing kiln).

Made with clay with rough texture – you can see it on unglazed part (foot of the cup)
Also under the glaze, you see the tasteful texture. You can feel the texture and enjoy it when you hold the cup.

This cup has 2 different glazing applied. The technique of art is called “kake-wake”Literally, 掛 “Kake” means apply (glazing), 分” wake” means separately. 掛分(kakewake) is : 2 different glazing is applied. This art technique is seen Takatori-yaki often.

Milky white clay is straw ash glaze which Hassen made by burning straw.
Yellowish glaze is called candy glaze (Ameyu glaze) which shows beautiful shade of brown. The harmony and contrast of the those two glazes is attracting. Both glaze are Hassen’s blend.

The clay is a unique blend of Hassen XIII.

Most of the clay is from Koishiwara and Nanakuma in Fukuoka prefecture (whereHassen kiln is located)

Hassen XIII make and choose clay to make out ultimate harmony and beauty in a cup. Seeking a sense of unity from what clay, shape, glaze, color, texture make… 

Takatori Hassen Kiln started in 17th century, produces Japanese tea ceremony ware as main works.

Takatori-yaki is known as high grade tea ceremony ware. Since it was started producing tea ceremony ware for the power 17th century.

Hassen XIII’s is known as artist for tea ceremony ware. 

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