Right Position of a hole on lid of Japanese Kyusu Teapot 急須の蓋の穴(空気孔)の位置はどの方向?


A hole on lid of modern typical Japanese Teapot (Tokoname teapot) is facing to the spout.  現代の代表的な日本の急須(常滑焼)の孔は、ほとんど注ぎ口の方向に合わせて作られています。

常滑焼 (Tokoname Teapot)

If a teapot has picture on it, when you put the hole on lid in the direction of the spout, the picture on the lid and the body  matches. 蓋とボディの模様をあわせると穴が注ぎ口方向に向きます。

Teapot without picture on it also placing a hole on the spout side.

常滑焼 (Tokoname Teapot)

The Tokoname teapots at Shiha Tea & Comfort all have holes on the spout side. 現在、Shiha Tea & Comfortで取り扱っている常滑の急須は、全て注ぎ口側に穴があります。

常滑焼 (Tokoname Teapot)

Banko teapots are the same.  万古焼の急須も同様です。

万古焼 (Banko Teapot)

40 to 50 years ago,  a hole on lid of Tokoname teapot was on the other side(180 degrees) , that is in the opposite position of the spout. The position of holes have been changed with the times  – Tokoname teapot artists reflect the values(needs) ​​of the times. The needs of the times changes like: quick brewing, then, easy operation (convenience of brewing) then,  slow brewing for taste. A Tokoname Teapot related person over 40 years of experience  told me this story.

Change of lid hole position

40 ~ 50 years ago: opposite side of spout
20~ 25 years ago: handle side
Today: spout side



40~50年前: 注ぎ口の反対側
現在: 注ぎ口側

常滑焼 (Tokoname Teapot)

 I heard a story  from a Tokoname teapot artist who has been making tea pots for over 40 years.

“About 40 years ago (1970-1980), a hole was made(placed) on the other side of the spout so that tea come out quickly –  it was needs of the times. In the later years,  hole was in the direction of handle. In this way, you can place your finger on the hole and adjust tea flow or you can stop tea coming out. Nowaday, people want to brew tea slowly and carefully so we put a hole in spout side”



常滑焼 (Tokoname Teapot)

It was a very interesting to know that change of position of tea in people’s life in different times, and teapot artists reflect the needs of the people of the times to teapots.

In the 1980s, when economic growth was large, the consumption of tea leaves per capita was also high, and it was a time when more tea was consumed than today. It can be said that the way/needs/style/meaning of drinking tea is different from today. I actually have been seeing the changes in these last few decades.


京焼・清水焼 (Kyoto Teapot)

Regarding Bizen teapot,  local artists said that there is no particular regulation for hole position for Bizen Teapots. As shown below, there are many teapots that have hole on the slightly right side of the spout.


備前焼 (Bizen Teapot)

備前焼 (Bizen Teapot)

備前焼 (Bizen Teapot)

It is better to put the hole in the original position, when brewing tea or taking a picture of teapot.  It will bring visual harmony and calmness  in your mind.

It was a story about position of hole on lid of Japanese teapot in the last half century. Hope you enjoyed the story. 



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