Japanese Tokoname Teapot and Chinese Tea. Pu’er Tea and Orange Peel Make Perfect Flavor

Customer message from China arrived. She use Reiko Black Tokoname teapot to brew Pu’er Tea with orange peel.

This is our shop’s original teapot. It has originally good reputation for brewing Japanese green tea. It makes green tea taste round and make the texture of tea silky. Change the impression of tea richer.

The Chinese customer brew Pu’er Tea. Pu’er Tea is Chinese tea as many of you know. Many of Chinese customers love to use Japanese Tokoname teapot to brew Chinese tea.

Pu’er Tea has 2 kinds, Sheng cha (生茶) and Shu cha (熟茶). She brews Shu cha (熟茶) with this teapot. She put aged orange peel (Chenpi 陈皮)with the tea.

In China, aged orange peel is put in a teapot often especially brewing with White tea and Pu’er tea. It is for both flavor and health reasons.

About flavor, there is a word to express harmony of tea and fruit (orange peel).

「茶引果香、果携茶味」means Tea bring fruity aroma, Fruit get tea flavor. This is expressing Tea and fruit (orange peel) are great together.

The following photo is aged orange peel. 1 year old, 2 years old and 10 years old. It is said that the older it is, the more medical effect it has, and taster get round.

To know more about aged orange peel, please read our blog for orange peel Chenpi

Aged orange peel (Chen Pi 陈皮)

This is her message after brewing Pu’er tea many times with this teapot.


(Translation to English)

I concluded that this teapot is good for brewing Pu’er orange peel tea. Pu’er and old orange peel (chenpi) is perfect. The taste is very soft and round. 

I use 30-year-old orange peel chenpi.  Pu’er is about five years old Shu Cha (Shu Pu).

It seems that she select good tea and good orange peel and enjoy perfect harmony. It is great!

Let us introduce Master Reiko’s teapot.
Master Reiko(Koie Hiroshi’s ) uses very special clay. The clay is the secret of the making good flavor.

Reiko’s special Tokoname Clay

KOIE HIROSHI’s Red Clay is very fine. You may able to tell from the photos.

He mixed clay taken from UNDRER THE POND in Tokoname 20 YEARS AGO and one from 40 YEARS AGO.

After purification, the clay became smooth and fine– and then the clay has natural shine(gloss) and become more tasteful. As you use it will have more shine(gloss).

The texture gives you calmness in your mind, every time your eyes catch the teapot, it will bring you a joy.

The clay make good brewing effect.

Please feel the effect with your tea. It looks pretty and nice to have on your tea table!

Reiko teapot at online Shop

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