How good? Brew Tea with Suzu-Yaki Teapot Teacup. Customer Review from the World 珠洲焼と茶

Hello, we are SHIHA TEAPOT SHOP, Japanese Teapot Shop in Tokyo. Our customers in the world shared how Suzu-yaki teapots and teacups (Takashi Shonohara Works ) influence to taste of tea. Please check!

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White Tea (Bai Mu Dan) / From Russia 白茶(白牡丹)

ロシアのお客様 ー 中国の白茶、白牡丹を珠洲焼の器で。

From Russia (Teacup)

▶ Original (English):I decided to use this teapot for Bai Mu Dan white tea. And in a beautiful cup, it’s even sweeter.
▶ 日本語訳:「珠洲焼の器で頂くとより甘くなります」

Taiwan Oolong Tea / From China 台湾烏龍茶

中国のお客様 ー 台湾の烏龍茶を珠洲焼の器で。

From China (Teacup)

▶ Original (Chinese):株洲的杯子喝台湾乌龙茶很好。茶水更清甜。
▶ 日本語訳:珠洲焼の器で台湾ウーロン茶を頂くとより清らかで甘くなります。
▶ English:Using Suzu-yaki cup for Taiwan Oolong tea is good. Tea become clearer and sweeter.

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Anhua Fu Brick tea / From Finland 黒茶 (安化伏磚茶)

フィンランドのお客様ー 中国湖南省の黒茶、安化伏磚茶(フーれんが茶)を珠洲焼の急須で。

From Finland (Teapot)

▶ Original (English):I have found this kyusu to pair well with Anhua Fu Brick tea among others – the tea feels soft and pure, a breath of peace.
▶ 日本語訳:この珠洲焼の急須が、私の他のどのお茶よりも安化伏磚茶(フーれんが茶)との相性が良いことが分かりました。お茶が柔らかくピュアに感じられます。安らぎの一息です。

▶ The customer gave us further information🥰
Fu brick tea is calm-feeling by itself, but so is Suzu Ware. The combination is good in terms of taste, but also the “overall feeling”. Brewing Fu Brick tea with a Suzu Yaki kyusu feels natural and peaceful, and adds something magical to the experience.

安化伏磚茶(フーれんが茶)はそれ自体が落ち着きを感じるお茶ですが、珠洲焼も同じ印象です。 この組み合わせは香味の面だけでなく、「全体的な感触」も良い組み合わせです。 珠洲焼急須で安化伏磚茶を淹れると自然や穏やかさを感じ、”魔法のような” 体験ができます。

Taiwan Highland Oolong Tea / From Hong Kong 台湾高山烏龍茶

香港のお客様 ー 台湾の高山烏龍茶を珠洲焼の急須と珠洲焼の器で。

From Hong Kong(Teapot & Teacup)

▶ Original (English):Good Teaware Produces Good Tea. The flavor of the tea has been well represented and even slightly enriched.

▶ 日本語訳: 良い茶器は良いお茶を作ります。良く滋味が感じられ、少しふくよかになると感じます。

Jasmin Tea (Bi Dan Piao Xue) / From China ジャスミン茶(碧潭飘雪)

中国のお客様 ー 四川省のジャスミン茶、碧潭飘雪を珠洲焼の急須で。

From China (Teapot)

▶ Original (Chinese):珠洲焼泡茉莉花茶好喝。
▶ 日本語訳:珠洲焼の急須でジャスミン茶を淹れるとよりおいしくなります。
▶ English:Suzu-yaki teapot make taste of Jasmin tea well, in comparison to other teapots.

She brewed her favorite Jasmin tea with some teapots, then conclude as above.

Tea & Water Overall / From Hong Kong (茶と水)

香港のお客様 ー お茶や水を珠洲焼の器で。

From Hong Kong(Teacup)

▶ Original (English):for tea or water drinking, I feel that, in subtle ways, the cups soften and enrich the substance of the liquid inside.
▶ 日本語訳:珠洲焼の器は、飲み物を微かに柔らかく、そして味わいを豊かにしているように感じます

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